A Good Woman?

Image What does it mean to be a good woman in today’s society? If you are a homemaker, you are disrespected by men and women alike because they fail to see your worth. If you are a business woman, you are still ridiculed by men and women alike. Although men are slowly but surely learning that women are powerful allies and leaders, there is still a considerable way to grow before we are considered equal. As far as some of our sisters are concerned, “business minded women are what’s wrong with society and should tend to their families”. However, most of us will agree that there is a middle ground. We don’t have to be man servants or married to our work to be a “good” woman. The question still remains. What is a good woman? Well, in my opinion, a good woman is a strong woman. A strong woman is a smart woman. A smart woman knows what role to play and when to play it. I can’t speak for all. I know that I have been a housewife. I have been a single mom. I have been a business woman. All three roles had one thing in common…self-sacrifice. Lately, I have been wondering if there is ever going to be a time where someone will sacrifice something for my sake. I feel myself becoming more selfish through the years even when I know it is against my giving nature. After speaking with other women, I realized that it is basically what women have been doing since the dawn of time. We tend to be loyal, obedient, emotional, and quick to throw ourselves on the fire for the greater good. Then, we gripe and complain about not being appreciated for it. Ladies stop it. We are doing this to ourselves. More often than not no one asked us to sacrifice ourselves. We do it in vain. Be angry with yourself and learn from it. Because guess what… whoever it is you are on fire for probably does not even realize that you are burning…let alone that it was for them. All they see is “hot mess” as a result. And as you look for them to soothe you with burn cream, they look at you with disgust instead and treat you like damaged goods. They may even mock you behind your back because you willingly jumped into a fire for no apparent reason. So, now you are burned AND stupid…(laughing) The lesson behind this story is: only jump in the fire if you are looking for tougher skin after the burns have healed. Try compromise instead. Know where your bearings are, hold on to them, and try your best not to topple over into the blaze. If you decide to dive in, make it known ahead of time who you are doing it for and what you expect to receive as compensation. (If you are returning the favor, which is different disregard these instructions.) Then, you can whine about the pain all you want. Author, Domonique Powell, is still a single mom and business owner. She wouldn’t want to have it any other way. However, she supports women diversity and states, “You are who you are. You can’t be anyone else. So, be the best at being you. Embrace your individuality!”

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