I’m Not Homeless And On The Street! There Is No Way I’m An Alcoholic!

alcoholSome people in my life, who will remain nameless, seem to think that I have a problem with alcohol. I find this unfair. I mean, I’m not homeless and on the street, so there is no way that I can be an alcoholic!

Alcoholics are those guys on the street corner panhandling for money to feed their habit. Alcoholics have a drink right away when they wake up and start shaking if they are awake for like 5 minutes without a drink. That is not me.

What sets me apart from alcoholics

I, on the other hand, wake up every day and take care of what needs to be done before I have a single drink. After I finish work and doing whatever else I need to do that day, I have earned my alcohol. I am a responsible person that accomplishes all their work before I have anything to drink. I am working for my buzz, and I don’t need to make apologies for that. I’m not begging anyone for anything. I’m responsible when I need to be. I can blow off some steam when I want to without feeling guilty and I continue to fulfill my duties.

So what’s the problem? Everybody drinks when they are stressed, right? And if not, there is definitely something that each person does to relieve themselves of stress and have fun without having to worry about their daily lives and responsibilities.

Just enjoying my social time

I wish these “concerned” people would just mind their own business and not judge me for a few drinks. What I do with my social time is my choice and I don’t judge them for what they choose to do on their free time. I like meeting friends out for drinks and seeing where the night takes us. Just last night, a few of us met a group of people from Australia. You definitely don’t get experiences like that when you sit at home night after night.

Alcohol loosens people up so that everyone can just simply have a good time. It is legal to drink alcohol. It is fun to drink. And, dammit, leave me alone, I like to drink! I am not doing anything illegal by having a few drinks.

I would never bother someone about an activity they enjoy doing. It’s not like I’m hurting anyone else, and I’m not becoming like my friends who like weed or cocaine, which is illegal. I am simply engaging in an activity that I like and consider to be fun and enjoy doing after a long day. It is extremely annoying when people judge you for the things you like to do when it does not even concern them. I am not making them drink with me, and they are not the ones buying my alcohol. Don’t we live in a free country? Don’t I get to do whatever it is that I want to do for fun as long as it is legal?

Okay then. Pour me another!

Cindy Nichols is an addiction specialist and specializes in residential treatment referrals at Recovery Now TV.


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