Dates Are Meant To Be Fun: Tips For Breaking Out Of Dating Clichés

Since the 1920s one of the staples of American dating has been dinner and movie, and it has become the expected night out for many couples.  For teenagers and people who have been dating a very long time this is perfectly acceptable, but for new relationships and older daters the dinner and a movie cliché needs to be avoided at all costs.  You can challenge that traditional date idea by following some simple tips for dates in a new relationship.

Try New Times

One of the reasons that dinner and a movie has been so common is that the majority of dates happen in the evening and it seems like the most logical thing to do.  You go out, grab a bite to eat, and then go watch a movie together.  One good way to break out of the cliché is to change the time of the date or go out at an unexpected time.  Weekend lunch dates are a perfect way to transform the tone of the date and allow you to do things that you would not otherwise be able to do.  A stroll through the Arboretum or down to one of the zoos is only possible when you do so during the daytime, and these are the kinds of things that can make for a more memorable date with your significant other.  Even first dates can benefit from an earlier time, as it allows you to transition to additional activities or spend more time together if things are going well.  Also consider trying to schedule a date on something other than a Friday or Saturday night, as the best places to take your date are going to be less crowded on a Wednesday night than they would be on a weekend.

Be Active

The worst thing that you can do on a date is stay inactive or passive, as it either puts too much pressure on the two of you to keep talking or it means sitting in silence.  This is the reason why concerts and movies can be a struggle for new couples, and many potentially good relationships end prematurely.  Things like the Murder Mystery Texas dinner theater provide the perfect balance between activity and inactivity for you and your date.  There is still enough downtime that you and your date are able to get to know each other a little bit, but the interactive design of the event ensures that there is always something else going on as well.  When there is a lull in the conversation you do not have to worry about awkward silences, and this will make your date a lot more fun.

Avoid Big Crowds

Having other people around might make both of you more comfortable, but the noise and distraction the others create can be detrimental to your date.  A bowling alley is the prime example of this problem.  It seems like a good date idea, as it lets you be active and still have time to talk, but there is a really good chance that you will be stuck next to people on other lanes that are loud or distracting.  A more balanced date idea is something like mini golf.  You still have other people around to provide some background noise and topics of conversation, but you and your date will still spend most of your time with just the two of you getting to know each other.

Dating should be fun, and at the end of the date you should both walk away with a smile and some good memories.  Take time to plan the date, put effort in to what you schedule and your dates will be much more successful.

I am Vince Noth and I have been married for thirty years.  I wrote this article because my sons just started dating and they asked for some advice about what to do and I thought others might benefit from my insight.