How Ripped Me Off!

New Tablet

Ok, here is the deal. I usually post upbeat and inspiring things. Well, this post is not upbeat because I am pissed. But it is inspiring. I ordered a tablet (Trio 10.1) online at for my son right before Christmas. When I got it, I found it to be defective. The first thing I thought of was to contact the manufacturer- no luck with that. It was a website with a bunch of links that went nowhere and phone numbers that were never answered. So, I did the next natural thing which was to take it back to where I got it for an exchange. I took it to 5 of the surrounding stores around me just to be told -We don’t carry that model in store. It was a Black Friday special- SO! then I asked for a refund and the response was -I’m sorry ma’am. The system won’t let me scan it. You need to return it online.-

Here is the fun part. After battling numerous glitches with their online return system, I finally got a return label to print. It didn’t have an external tracking number or receipt to email just a RTS label. (Remember this because it is an important part of the story) So, I slapped it on the box and about 5 days later I got a shiny new tablet in the mail. I was so happy because it came much sooner than I’d expected. Since it was just after Christmas my son was stoked to open it. WELL…it was defective too in the same way. I guess they got a bad shipment or something. Hmm, I already knew I couldn’t exchange it or get a refund from the store because I tried that with the first one. Therefore, the only thing I could think to do was send it back again.

Now it gets even better. Their online return system wouldn’t let me print a return label for the replacement tablet because according to the order history the replacement has zero value. The refund eligible amount was zero and no label to be had for replacement. I discussed with customer care and they keep redirecting me back to online returns because for some reason they were too stupid to understand my dilemma. So, I went back to the online return system and realized that I could print off a label for the original order. My gut told me that something was strange about that but I was desperate. ¬†Sigh…I printed another label and slapped it on the box and guess what? Yep, they lost it. I contacted them several times and they keep saying- Ma’am it shows in our system that we already sent you a replacement. If you sent us another one, can you give us the tracking number?-

ARRGHH What tracking number? They never gave me one. They are the ones who have it. The return center had to notice something strange when they received and processed another package with same code. I asked them to research and see where it went, to contact the return center, or give me someone else to talk to. They said-I’m sorry ma’am we cannot contact the return center- ?!?! What?! Are these people even working for the same company? At the end of the day, I am here looking like a dumbass with no tablet and no $100 because I was stupid enough to trust walmart to have good business practices.

Ok, here is the inspirational part. Don’t let companies bend you over and &@#$ you in the ass. I will get my money and this is my first step towards getting it-social media awareness. My next step is filing a complaint with the bbb. Yes, I know it was only a $100 and not the end of the world. But, it was also my son’s Christmas gift and my hard work gone down the drain. So, yeah, I’m mad. If you are mad for me, feel free to share this with your network.